Brief Analysis of the Constitutional Meaning of School Certificate or its Equivalent: My Views on the Certificate “Saga” of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the APC Presidential Candidate.

  23rd January, 2015. Let us begin by going straight to the point. Without much circumlocution, the constitutional provision dealing with the requirements for qualification to vie for the office of the President of Nigeria is Section 131 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

A Portrait: The Successful, Happy and Fulfilled me — Winning Essay by Onis Sampson in the McPherson University Essay Competition 2013

In response to a call for essay submissions in the maiden edition of the McPherson University Essay Competition 2013, Onis Sampson submitted the essay below.

NOLLYWOOD AND THE POLEMICS OF VALUE — An essay by Onis Sampson published on The People’s Herald newspaper.

14th October, 2014 THE PEOPLE’S HERALD — Page 7 of Literati Column of the newspaper showing Onis Sampson’s essay, NOLLYWOOD AND THE POLEMICS OF VALUE[/caption]


COLD MURDER unveils to us an aspect of societal malaise with a force of empathy that grips the reader. Serial murder forms the crux of the story perfectly narrated in this novella. How a peaceful town is turned topsy-turvy by the murder of Gboyega the politician, and three students of Model Girls’ Secondary School runs through the work; and then the ingenious investigations of Inspector Kolawole to unravel the mystery surrounding these murders are motifs that run through the work with riveting hold.

The Giant @ 53: Personal Reflections (Published on The People’s Herald Newspaper on 1st October, 2013)

Today marks the Independence Day anniversary of our beloved country. Some fifty three years ago on this same date, the 1st of October 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation. It was a moment of triumph for the Nigerian people. There was celebration all over the country. At last, we were off the grip and reign ofContinue reading “The Giant @ 53: Personal Reflections (Published on The People’s Herald Newspaper on 1st October, 2013)”


(THE POEM CAN BE READ ON LINES AND VERSES POETRY GROUP ON FACEBOOK) I like this poem a ‘whole whole’ lot. I like it because I like a lot of things about it. It is imagistic; it is laden with the touch of poetic grandeur flowing out of beautiful and novel metaphors. It reminds meContinue reading “A BRIEF REVIEW OF MICHAEL NWAGBEGBE’S POEM, “THE HIGH-BREASTED HILLS” BY ONIS SAMPSON.”